Blissful Transformation Therapy is a Holistic service designed by Paulina Havemann, drawing upon her extensive experience working with clients for over fourteen years. This transformative therapy encompasses a range of Holistic coaching, skin and massage therapies, and the creation of bespoke oil blends that go beyond traditional skincare.

 By harmonizing emotional well-being, relaxing the body and nurturing the skin, Blissful Transformation Therapy offers a unique approach to achieving inner balance and rejuvenation. 

Tailored to individual needs, diverse coaching techniques are utilized, empowering clients with tools to enhance inner calm, relaxation, and stress management in their everyday lives. By combining Holistic massage therapy, stress and trauma are released from the body, while energy is rebalanced. The use of specially crafted Essential Oil blends unlocks the potent power of plants, further augmenting the therapy session. 

Additionally, reflexology, energy balancing, crystals, hot stones, meridians, acupressure points, and sound baths are seamlessly integrated into the treatment, resulting in a Holistic experience that leaves a lasting impact on both the mind and skin.

Blissful Transformation Therapy offers a comprehensive and deeply transformative experience for Holistic healing and personal growth.


Blissful Me

Introducing 'Blissful Me' – a transformative treatment like no other. Combining the powerful benefits of coaching and Holistic massage, this unique service is designed to bring you a profound sense of inner balance and personal growth. Through a variety of coaching techniques, our skilled practitioners will guide you towards direction, clarity, motivation, and inspiration, providing practical tools to enhance your everyday life.

As you embark on a journey of self-discovery, our expertly crafted massage techniques and Holistic therapies will melt away stress and trauma, restoring harmony and energy within your body. With the added touch of Bespoke Essential Oil creations, harnessing the natural power of plants, your mind, body and soul will be nurtured and revitalised. Experience the blissful synergy of coaching and Holistic massage with 'Blissful Me', and unlock your full potential for a life of tranquillity and personal fulfilment.


Blissful Skin

Introducing 'Blissful Skin' – a transformative facial that goes beyond conventional approaches to skincare. This Holistic treatment incorporates a unique blend of Holistic coaching, different facial & massage techniques and the creation of bespoke face oil blends.

By profoundly understanding the mind-body connection, 'Blissful Skin' aims to not only nourish your skin but also soothe and balance your emotions, fostering a harmonious inner state. Expect a comprehensive and personalised approach that nurtures your body, mind and soul, leaving you feeling blissful, revitalised and transformed. Discover the power of Blissful Transformation Therapy today and unlock your inner and outer radiance.


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