Holistic Therapies & Coaching in Harpenden

Relaxation, Stress Relief & Skin Care

Reduce Stress, Relieve Tension & Improve Your Mood and Skin

Blissful Being is a Holistic Practice that is dedicated to support women who are dealing with skin ageing, being overwhelmed and stress.  Our comprehensive treatments are designed to reduce the effects of stress, release physical & mental tension, and improve your mood & outlook on life. We teach techniques on how to become calmer, relaxed and gain clarity. Our bespoke approach to skin ageing is designed to help you look and feel your best. Our personalised approach ensures that our clients receive the best service possible, tailored to their unique needs.

Blissful Being Therapies provides comprehensive Holistic Treatments To:




At Blissful Being Therapies, you are treated as a whole being.

What Does the 'Holistic'


The word ‘Holistic’ means whole. 

‘Blissful Being Therapies’ use a bespoke, holistic approach and treat you as a whole person.  This means we tailor every treatment based on your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs.

Why are we different?

Our treatments are designed to delight you and show you the magical benefits of holistic therapies.

To take you on your journey to discover what true relaxation &  balance is. 

Selected techniques and a combination of holistic therapies are chosen to balance your soul, body, mind & emotions.

We use only high-quality & 100% natural products. You can be sure that every treatment is exclusively designed based on your unique pre-treatment consultation. 


This is something you’ve never experienced before.

'Skin Therapy'

This bespoke Skin Therapy uses a comprehensive approach to the skin and is for ALL skin types and helps:

  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tightening & plumping the skin
  • Stimulates new skin cell growth
  • Nourishes & rejuvenates
  • Brings balance and helps with the skin’s ageing process

Massage Therapy

This Relaxation / Stress Relief Treatments uses a comprehensive approach to reduce the effects of stress, release physical & mental tension and improve your mood. It promotes a feeling of calm, relaxation and well-being. It helps bring balance to the body, mind and emotions. This program also provides you with ‘personalised’ techniques, processes & rituals and helps: with

  • Relief muscular tension
  • Relief emotional tension
  • Improve mood
  • Relax & rejuvenate
  • Get clarity
  • Sleep better

Holistic Coaching

These powerful coaching  teach techniques on how to become calmer, relaxed, manage stress and to make positive life changes that last. I teach in person and via telehealth. Online video sessions are encrypted and secured.

Blissful Transformation Therapy

Blissful Transformation Therapy offers a comprehensive and deeply transformative experience for Holistic healing and personal growth.

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